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the s-t defect

Posted in Random Thoughts, Television by tres on March 21, 2006

i wish i could see this segment again or more of it next time. i still find myself smiling whenever i remember the declamation made by bitoy as a kid with the speech defect in pronouncing s (replacing it with t). the humor is good for a kid like me.

the declamation is about a boy who met a Single woman, telling how he wanted a Single woman to marry. Then they met a gay who bit his noSe. and his story goes on…

in the end, bitoy asked “Sino ba ang dapat SiSihin at iSumbong?”

i have an answer to it but i won’t tell. 🙂

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  1. […] two years since I have hoped that the Bubble Gang skit that features Michael V. as Cecilio Sasuman, the boy with s-t defect. I was hoping that I get to watch it again on TV on one of their “best of” episodes I […]

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