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SP after day 18

Posted in Random Thoughts, Television by tres on October 27, 2008

Naak wins immunity!!!

For the last tribal immunity challenge, that statement from Paolo really made my week. Knowing that tribes merging will come soon, the Naak IC victory will make a Naak 20% chance better of winning the title than a Jarakay winning it.

It was interesting how the tribal council voting has turned out, though. I never thought it will be a 4-1 vote with Nikki getting all the vote out in her tribe. My initial assessment didn’t materialized. While the 4-1 may mean a unified decision, I see it otherwise. It just confirmed that not only can play the game well using the “backstabbing and blindsiding” technique of the game rather than building a strong alliance for themselves.

Going to the merger now, loyalty to the tribe and their individual game strategy of any of the (now former) Naak members will be tested on the first TC as a new tribe. If one or two of them will jump out to their seemingly united Naak alliance to the minority Jarakay group, then the game’s complexion will again change. Seeing Jarakay’s voting history during TCs, it will be hard to see who will be their next victim. As of now, I don’t see any of the Naaks doing the suicide attempt. Not even Cris who Marlon thought that he is easily dissuaded to be on their side by his mere “charm”. But that remains to be seen on the next tribal council. If the 4 Jarakay guys can pull out a surprise against Naak just in time, we may not see more predictable tribal councils after this week.

My ranking for this week.

1. (5) Zita – I am putting her to the top of the list since she has proven her worth on the game. Also, all of the castaways respects her that I don’t see a point of anyone voting her out in the next TC. With or without the alliance and individual immunity idol, I think she will breeze through the next nine days at least.
2. (2) JC – Like Zita, I don’t see any threat coming on his side as of the moment.
3. (6) Cris – Right now, he has the privilege of being one of the candidates (along with JC or even Kaye) considered by the (former) Jarakay group to be with them. Although I doubt it will materialize, I think the next TC for Cris should be easy for his part.
4. (3) Kaye – Like the first three, I don’t think anyone see her as a threat that should be get ridden off early. I don’t see a vote for her in the next TC.
5. (1) Kiko – He is the biggest threat in the game right now and most likely the first person most want out. At this point of the game, he will be the target specially by the Jarakay group for their voteout.
6. (4) Rob – Next to Kiko, he is probably one of the characters the Jarakay want out in the game. If they can not beat Kiko, their next option will be him. But then being in the dominant alliance, he should not worry of getting out of the island this early.
7. (8) Charisse – Of the remaining Jarakay, she is probably the weakest. She is the most harmless of the four that makes her the best chance of getting through TCs until she is the last one standing.
8. (7) Marlon – He is probably the most hated by the Naak tribe but his hospitality during Naak’s visit in Jarakay camp could be his advantage against Vern and Jace. If he will not show some cockiness in the next three days, he might still escape the next tribal council.
9. (10) Vern – If Jace will win the first individual IC, I believe that Naaks’ option to vote out next will be her or Marlon. Her disadvantage is that Marlon is more of a politician than she is. If she won’t do something to be liken by the dominant alliance before the tribal council, she might not be part of the tribal councils ahead (as a jury or in the finals).
10. (11) Jace – If Naak has Kiko, Jarakay has Jace. I think Naak alliance will get him out early before he will dominate everyone in the challenges. Numbers don’t favor him right now and it will surely be difficult for him to get through one day after another when he is the biggest threat to other players.

My forecast though is that JC and Kaye will compete (or have competed) for the jury vote for the Pinoy Sole Survivor title. I feel this is not remote to happen as any combination is still possible. There are spoilers circulating claiming JC to be the winner. The “news” might have a reliable basis. Or it is just another forecast but claiming to be of reliable truth. Either way, I think I am one of those believe that title is already won by JC. But how it was won (or not won) is more interesting to find out. I am just guessing here and I want to know if I have guessed it right.


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