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SP after day 21: No surprises for Chalam

Posted in Random Thoughts, Television by tres on November 4, 2008

It is not much of a surprise that Jace was voted off in the first Chalam tribal council and I can give 5 reasons why. And this are as follows:

  • The luck factor – Jarakay lost it’s first three members in a span of three days while Naak lost the same number in ten days. The double elimination TC turned things against around against their advantage. These coupled with the Naak’s own winning rampage spelled the fate for Jace.
  • The “muscle alliance” voted out Gigit – They have seen Gigit as a threat but they haven’t see the number in him. They could used him for their alliance to get stronger and could have been ditched out when they no longer need him. Instead of using him to the alliance advantage, they did the opposite. Have been Gigit still in the game, the composition of Chalam could be different from what it is now with Jace together with the “muscle alliance” dominating the numbers game.
  • Jace chose to trust JC and JC alone. There has been no plan B when plan A don’t work out. No plan C either. The reason why JC didn’t join the Jarakay alliance (aside of course that he is loyal to Naak) is that there will be no assurance that he will not be backstabbed in the end by the original Jarakay alliance. Jace could have thought of “blindsiding” one or two of his own Jarakay tribemate to join by two or three Naaks to form a new alliance that will give everyone an equal chances (at least on face value) in the game.
  • Jace can never be trusted again after that second immunity challenge (pillow wrestling fight challenge) where he broke a gentleman’s agreement with Kiko.
  • Jace is a threat.


My ranking for this week will remain as it is last week. Now that Jace is gone, I believe it will be Veronica or Marlon are the biggest target by the Naak alliance and Kiko will still get the vote for the Jarakay alliance.

However, GMA likes us to believe that there will be a big turn of events in the next tribal council and Kiko is likely to be voted off. I believe it is a bluff and it is close to impossible. But then again, this is Survivor where there is a lot of things happening in just one decision changed by a castaway or two. It would be interesting how this will uncover in the days to come. I’ll wait and see if GMA is indeed blind sided me in believing that Naak alliance will make it all the way to the last six people left in the island.


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