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Posted in Observations, People and Places, Random Thoughts by tres on November 7, 2008

I usually do random useless things during breaks at my workstation. So today was no different. While (almost) everyone is talking about the historical win of the first black American president, I too read about it on the web.

Then it got me thinking what if we are to adopt same mode of voting – the so called electoral college? In our case, provinces and cities will have a designated number of vote based on the number of representative they have at present, e.g. Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur will have 2 assigned vote each, Manila will have 6, QC will have 4, etc. Everyone will still vote but once the the vote are counted, the winning presidential/vice-presidential tandem will get all the votes assigned to the province or city they have won. So say, if Juan/Pedro won against Juana/Petra in Ilocos Norte count (even if just 1 vote difference – i think this is what the US calls as popular vote), Juan/Pedro will get the two votes 2 votes equivalent of US’s electoral vote.

Using the data gathered at wikipedia (for the result of the 2004 elections and the no. of representatives of each province and cities) and working on my worksheet for about twenty minutes, I came to a conclusion that if we have adapted the system, we have still a woman president leading the country since FPJ-Legarda team beats GMA-Noli team via 106-92 votes. (Lacson gets 3 for winning in Cavite while Roco gets 7 for winning in Albay and CamSur. The two Eddies got zero.) FPJ wins the majority votes (not the popular one) but since he already passed away, Loren takes over his post thus becoming the third Philippine woman president.

An out of this world and useless post, I know. Just passing my useless time at somebody’s expense .


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