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SP after day 24: Keep your enemies closer

Posted in Random Thoughts, Television by tres on November 11, 2008

When I saw the commercial Monday last week showing the images of Kiko and Marlon then saying that a biggest blindsiding to date will gonna happen in SP, I want to cry out “foul”. I hate it when I hear or read spoilers and I thought that kind of SP commercial for me crossed the line from just a mere teaser to a spoiler. While it got me curious of what does the commercial trying to imply, somehow it does the opposite effect on me when I figured out that indeed there was something big will gonna happen. After the Monday’s episode, I skipped watching the next three. I was pissed by the idea that a storyline has been revealed in advance when it should have been something that a viewer should discover and think for himself. Then came Friday, tribal council was cut off when Paolo was about to reveal who was voted off next between Marlon and Kiko. WTF! Very good editing. It’s like as if I was watching the usual teleserye crap.

Now on the results… Kiko was voted off. To make matters worse for the former Naak tribe, Rob is vulnerable of being voted off next.

If there was one person that have been very instrumental in putting this shakeup to happen, it has to be JC. When he decided to bring with him Kiko, Rob and Zita for his prize in the auction reward challenge, I believed right then that it was a very bad decision. Bringing in your strongest allies with you outside the camp as a reward was for me a wrong move. It could have been understandable if the reward was to bring just one and he brought with him one close ally. But bringing in the three persons that has no reason for you to worry of them jumping off your alliance is something suicidal. Survivor is a game of strategy and thinking ahead of a possible scenario is something JC haven’t thought about. Bringing in people that has not won something in the auction was not a very good idea.

Naak haven’t realized that there are still three Jarakays playing for their survival and they thought that they already have everything planned until the six Naak remains in the game. On the contrary, they have not covered the necessary precautions. They thought that trusting everyone is enough for them to secure their places in the tribe for the next 3 tribal councils. Jarakay, specially Marlon, has outwitted them this time.

If I were JC, I would have brought two Naaks (Zita and Rob or Kaye) and one Jarakay (Charisse, maybe) in the reward treat. Definitely, I would have left Kiko in the island together with the other two Naaks (Cris and Rob or Kaye) and two Jarakays (Marlon and Vern). That way, there will be no chance for the remaining Jarakays to regroup themselves and bring in the plan of recruiting two Naaks to go to their side since the Jarakays are outnumbered in both groups. If I really don’t want a Jarakay to be in the reward treat, then I could bring a former tribemate but certainly it is not Kiko since I know Kiko and Marlon will always be on the opposite side no matter what happens. Even if one Naak will volt out I will still be assured that we have the numbers. Backstabbing would have not happened. But that’s just me and I am not JC.

If there was something good that happens after that, everyone now know that they need not to be too complacent in playing the game. Everyone will now be suspicious even to their own alliance which will make the game more unpredictable.

Looks like I will have to endure Marlon’s antics for two more weeks or worst, until the end.

My ranking for this week (in parenthesis was my previous rank for the castaways):

1 (3) Cris – His vote in the last tribal council was crucial and that decided the fate of the latest castoff. Everything that happens the last three days made his chances stronger. Right now, if he plays his card well after, he is on his way to be in the last three.
2 (4) Kaye – Certainly, she is a darkhorse in the game. Like Cris, if she was able to play her card well, she might complete the 39 days in the island. But to do that, she has to forget everything happened in the first 24 days. This will be a new ball game for her.
3 (7) Charisse – Since she is still shielded by Vern and Marlon, she will not be targeted next to be voted off so she will still be safe.
4 (2) JC – I don’t see a reason him targeted next by Marlon’s company so for this week, he might still be safe.
5 (8) Vern – I think there is big possibility that it will be Rob vs Marlon in the next TC, or it will be Rob vs Vern if again Marlon will come up a good surprise.
6 (9) Marlon – Hate to admit it, but I think he is the smartest player left in the game. He has done a good job in brainwashing two Naak’s to be with his side. Still, he won’t be totally safe this week. The persons that saved him the last time are the same persons that could decide his fate on the next tribal council.
7 (1) Zita – With the tide’s turned, she is no longer safe and could be voted off next. I guess it will be him or Rob to targetted next by the former Jarakays.
8 (6) Rob – He badly needs the immunity necklace this time, but I don’t see him wearing this in the next tribal council. And he also badly needs the Naak alliance and it seems the alliance was no longer existing.

While it is still possible, looks like the JC and Kaye final showdown is not going to happen. But I am still hoping I am right that they really make it to the end.

Final Two or Final Three?

Since Jace was part of the jury, I am getting confused if there will be two or three castaways in the finals to decide the sole survivor. It could be three finalists and seven juries or it could be two finalists and eight juries. But then if there are only two finalists, there will be a possibility that the final count will be tied at four each. Tied count will also be possibe in the case there would be three finalists left. What will happen then? I see this possible scenarios happening to break the tie.

1. The last member of the jury will get two votes equivalent, either to one or two finalists.
2. The finalists will decide who in the members of the jury whose vote will not count in case of a tie.
3. Additional jury will vote.
4. Viewers will be the additional jury. The winner will be decided by text votes come final week.

Interesting? Above four scenarios are mine. It was a product of lost of sleep due to Kiko’s voteoff.


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