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Survivor: Gabon after day 24 – Matty wins for Fang immunity, own survival

Posted in Random Thoughts, Television by tres on November 12, 2008

Things got busy last week that I gained no chance of writing my thoughts on what happens on the double tribal council. Dan’s fate was not a surprise though as I have expected it to happen. Ace’s is however. Give the credit to Ken who has able to persuade Sugar to go with their side in voting off Ace. While I was happy Ken was able to pull out that surprise, I was a bit disappointed that it has be be Ace voted off instead of Crystal.

With the expectation that a merger will come next, I thought that the next castaway to be voted off is still anybody. While there are alliances that are already formed, these alliances have no assurance that they can trust each other well as everyone has it’s own schemes.

Everyone’s expecting a merger that Kota 6 already planning to sweep off the Fang remaining castaways. But a merger didn’t happen. Instead, there was reshuffle in the tribes that which only gave everyone equal chances to the title specially for the Fang members.

So after Jacquie, Marcus – who I thought last week to be the strongest, was the next casualty of the tribe reshuffle. Crystal returned the favor to Ken this time around as she was able to persuade Susie to vote out Marcus instead of Ken. The result not only gave Crystal and Ken better chances but also is Matty and Sugar. With Susie and Sugar’s immunity idol on their side, they can turn the game around to their favor.

I predict that if there will be no merger happening next episode, Corrine, Charles and Randy might opt again to deliberately lose the next immunity challenge so that they can save Bob (their only ally remaining in the Kota camp) from being voted out so that they can vote out Matty next. That way, they can have the number game equal again. If the merger comes after that, the division would be Crystal, Ken, Susie and Sugar against Corrine, Charles, Randy and Bob. But in the case Fang (part 3) will win the next immunity challenge, Corrine and Charles will have difficulty of turning things around to their favor as they have Randy as the remaining person they can trust (or can they trust him?)

My prediction for this week: if Kota wins, Charlie will have his torch extiguished; if Fang wins, Bob will be voted off; if there will be a merger, it will still be Charlie, maybe. It is still anybody’s ball game, really. Like what happened last week, it is hard to declare who will get the boot out next tribal council. But I am hoping Ken will survive another round.

My ranking 2 weeks ago after Ace and Dan was voted out:
Marcus – Charlie – Corrine – Randy – Bob – Susie – Kenny – Sugar – Crystal – Matty

For last week with the ouster of Marcus:
Susie – Sugar – Kenny – Crystal – Randy – Corrine – Charlie – Matty – Bob

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