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“Sino ang Dapat Sisihin?” transcript

Posted in Random Thoughts, Television by tres on November 13, 2008

It has been two years since I have hoped that the Bubble Gang skit that features Michael V. as Cecilio Sasuman, the boy with s-t defect. I was hoping that I get to watch it again on TV on one of their “best of” episodes but I rarely watch the show now since it’s already late in the evening when the program starts. I have no idea if the skit was even replayed. Of course, I can watch it on youtube if I want but there’s no chance to do so. For one, my access on the internet is limited only at work and the site is blocked in here. If I have access outside, it’s purpose is mainly for important personal matters so I am not visiting youtube.

Then last Friday, on the second part of Bubble Gang’s 13th anniversary special, I was ecstatic when the same skit was reproduced. Finally I got to watch that skit again!

Even when I first saw it, I was already searching on the net for the full text of the declamation piece but have been unsuccessful in doing so. Have tried it again today using several combination of the keywords on google and yahoo but almost every link goes to the video of the said skit, none pointing to the text of the declamation piece. I was about to give up when I got what I wanted to see. I saw the full text on the forums.

I thought there might be one or two people interested of it so I am putting it in here.

Here’s the full text of the hit declamation piece made popular by a genius that is Bitoy.

Cecilio Sasuman

Limos. Limos. Sige na penge ng limos. Bibili ako ng sorbetes.

Masarap sipsipin ang sorbetes dahil ito ay tunay na malasa. Buti na lang may isang babae sa akin nagbigay ng sampung piso. Wala pa raw siyang asawa. Ibig sabihin siya raw ay single.

Ang saya-saya ko… dahil mahilig ako sa single! Kung ako ay mag-aasawa ang gusto ko ay single!

Ang kaso biglang dumating ang bading niyang kasama. Inaway ako at sinuntok sa nose! Ang sakit-sakit ng aking nose.

Kaya ang sabi ko sa kanya, “Lagot ka sa akin… Isusumbong kita!”

Ang sabi niya sa akin, “Puro ka sumbong, puro ka sumbong! Wala kang alam gawin kundi sumbong!”

Kaya ang ginawa ko sinigawan ko rin siya!

Ang sabi ko, “‘wag mo akong sisihin dahil kilala kita! Wala ka ring alam kundi manisi ng manisi! Puro ka sisi… Puro ka sisi… Puro ka sisi!”

Ang mabuti pa, kayo na ang magsabi. Kung sino sa aming dalawa ang dapat isumbong at sisihin?

edit: Aug 25 2011

Video’s here, there is a little variation though on the closed caption compared to the above transcript.

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  1. raphael said, on January 29, 2013 at 6:05 pm

    So funny

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