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SP after day 26: The Cur(s)e of the Black Pearl

Posted in Random Thoughts, Television by tres on November 17, 2008

After somewhat shaken, Naak alliance may still be existing after all.

I was pleasantly surprised with the results of the tribal council shown last Friday. Up to the last vote, I was already prepared for the resurgent of the former Jarakay castaways by continually manipulating some of the former Naak castaways to their advantage. I was glad that Kaye and Cris voted in favor of Rob. Kiko’s departure may not bring an all-Naak final 6 but there can still be an all-Naak final five. Still, you can not discount that there are still two smart Jarakays that will do anything what it takes to break the Naak alliance. The way to do it however is somehow a tall order now as Marlon and Charisse now need two (or even three) to play into their favor in order for them to be at least have a crack into a final four seat.

The reward challenge was won by JC that once again made him face the dilemma of choosing three people to be with him to enjoy the prize. Like the last time, he chose to bring three members in his alliance. While I believe that it was again an unwise strategy to leave the former Jarakays together in the camp, the wisdom of choosing the three is more understandable than his reason the first time. I have no problem in choosing Kaye and Cris, it was the best under the circumstances. As for Rob, while I want it to be Charisse and Veronica, I believe it was still a educated choice. That is better than leaving Rob and choosing Zita for the all-Naak reward.

There was a difference on how JC and company have handled the situation after the reward challenge however. Last time, JC, Kiko, Rob and Zita never thought that a crack has already occured to their alliance while they are away. They thought that Kaye and Cris understood the situation very well, they unaware of the blindsiding that is going to happen since they never thought it would happen. Marlon was able to bring in the poison on Kaye and Cris undetected by the rest of the Naak alliance.

This time around, JC, Rob, Kaye and Cris knew that Zita will feel bad being left out (Kaye and Cris should know as they were in that situation before.) There was communication happened. Because of the open communication, they were able to figure out that Marlon has been scheming on them.

As for Charisse winning the immunity challenge, she doesn’t even need it at that moment. Rob, Marlon and Veronica needs it badly that time.

The result: One of the stinkiest castaway was voted off.

Ranking the seven remaining castaway:

1. (4) JC – Up by three. Unlike last week when he almost unwittingly broke the Naak alliance for good, he did just the opposite this time. Also, the two chances to choose persons to share the reward prizes was also an advantage to him. The four Naaks owes something to him and that is surely a big advantage to him. Sure he has disappointed some of his alliances in the process but he has somehow justified his actions and fairness was observed thus this doesn’t put him in the bad light. One more thing, him winning the last reward challenge is somehow a good indicator of his good social skills that could give him big advantage now until the end.
2. (1) Cris – He has proven that he can win challenges before and I think he will continue to do so.
3. (2) Kaye – She needs not to win challenges now but she can still be a threat to the final two/three.
4. (7) Zita – Time for him to plan some strategy for herself else she might caught off guard as the final days near.
5. (8) Rob – The problem with him is that he is too relaxed in the challenges. His stay relies too much on his alliance that gives a wrong signal to the competition. When there is only five remaining castaways, he will be in danger of being voted off next.
6. (3) Charisse – She needs not to worry on the black pearl. Instead, she needs more to win the next individual immunity. If Marlon wins it, she surely is in trouble. If not, she might still be safe.
7. (6) Marlon – If he wants to avoid elimination he needs to: a) Be extra nice and extra helpful in the camp. b) Be extra evil and do a scheme that will really work. c) Blindside Charisse d) Win immunity e) There is no way he can escape it this time. Of the five, I think only one will work for him. He needs to win the immunity.
Scenario five in case of tie:
The black pearl will be played to resolve the tie.
At the Senate, someone was blindsided. Kewl!


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