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S:G after day 30: A hillarious blindside

Posted in Random Thoughts, Television by tres on November 24, 2008

“[Sugar] is a complete moron,” says Corinne last week. She was wrong when Sugar decided to blindside Corinne’s closest ally left, Charlie.

This week, Sugar made yet another “blindside” through the help of Bob’s “immunity necklace”. The tribal council was truly a laugh trip. Randy (and Corinne) thought of blindsiding Susie as a payback when the latter swinged her vote against Marcus thereby weakening his chances of staying in the island longer.

The plan was for Randy to piss-off the rest of the tribe (Marcus, Sugar, Susie, Kenny and Matty) so he can be sure that they would be voting for his ouster. He, Corinne and Bob would then be voting against Susie. With him playing the immunity necklace that is supposedly found by Bob, he would be safe from being voted off and Susie (the next highest vote getter) will become the third member of the jury.

The conspiracy worked on smoothly with the help of Sugar (as she persuaded Bob to give the fake immunity necklace to Randy). So before the votes are counted, Randy played to use the immunity necklace. And the joke’s punchline was pulled out… The situation after was so hillarious. Everyone made a good laugh – except Randy and Corinne (and Bob), of course.

I wonder, however, why did Bob decided to tell Sugar that he made a fake immunity necklace. For me, it could have been used some other time to bluff others that a twist has made that not only one or two necklaces are played and that there are three. But that just me. Anyway, the necklace was put into good use so it won’t matter anymore.


My ranking for this week:

Sugar (up 1) – Kenny (up 1) – Crystal (up 1) – Susie (down 3) – Matty – Bob – Corinne

Definitely, Sugar is the player that everyone should lookout to. Everybody thought she could not play the game very well and she had proven them all wrong. She is more dangerous right now that not only she has the immunity necklace but she has been playing along with Bob also. Who knows, there might be another blindside in the making with her help. She never failed to bring out surprises in the game that if she just can play it well, there is no doubt she can be the next sole Survivor.

Also playing well so far is my favorite – Ken. He is another player who have proven that he can play the game well despite lacking in physical strength. He is good strategist (proven again by winning the last immunity challenge) and that could give him a slot for the final two.

Right now I am little bit concerned with my other bet – Matty. Physically, he is the strongest but with no clear alliance, he can be an easy target to everyone. I hope he can make a pact with Sugar and Kenny in the coming days that could solidify his chances. She can have Sugar but there is no assurance Kenny will side with him in exchange to giving up his alliance with Crystal and Susie.

Next tribal council, I see that Matty (being the strongest threat), Bob and Corinne (being outside the alliance of 5) are in danger of being the next castoff to be a member of the jury. Right now, I don’t want either of the three leaving the game. I am hoping it would be Crystal’s time to go but it seems that would be impossible to happen right now. Once she is no longer playing, I can definitely say that even if my bets will not win, I’m good with whoever makes it to day 39.

Another thing that makes me not to miss the next episode is the mystery of the second immunity necklace. If it is true that Marcus didn’t really throw it in the beach and hidden it somewhere in the former Kota camp, I wonder it can still be found and give power to anyone who can get it. It would be great twist if it will be found.


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