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SP after day 29: The Devil leaves the Devil’s Island

Posted in Random Thoughts, Television by tres on November 25, 2008

At last, the “devil” leaves Koh Tarutao. Well, he will still be there but now as part of the jury to decide who will win the game.

It was a good run for the so-called Survivor Philippines Bad Boy. For staying way too long when almost everyone want him out there on the very first tribal council he is part of, I’ll congratulate him. Still, I don’t think he should win the title.

While Marlon is longer there, the poison he injected on Kaye and Cris was now in their blood. Good thing for JC, Rob and Zita that they knew that they could no longer trust the two and tried to get Charisse to replace to the two for a new alliance.

But even without the new alliances in the making, it was inevitable that it was Marlon’s time to go out the camp that he has stayed for 29 days (as a Jarakay and a Chalam) – the longest for anyone so far but will be broken/equaled by Charisse in the coming days.

My ranking for this week:
JC – Zita (up 2) – Rob (up 2) – Charisse (up 2) – Kaye (down 2) – Cris (down 4)

I am no longer expecting for a JC vs Kaye in the finals, however. While it is still possible, it seems to be that one of them could make it to day 39 but not the two of them will be there. Trust is now at stake on either side and they knew about this.

Day 30 and forward will be where the individual games starts – or smaller alliances will be formed. Kaye and Cris’ plans of staying until day 39 since blindsiding Kiko may backfire on them in the coming days. They have been playing their own games since then and trusting them to vote out Charisse next for the all Naaks in the final 5 is a little improbable. The trust issue among former Naak alliance has become an advantage for Charisse. Athough she is the last remaing Jarakay standing, she can penetrate inside the Naak cracks and may become the power player and have the option on who will compose the final four, her position included. Good for her.

Overall, I feel good about how the tribal council ended up. Now I can say that (like in Survivor: Gabon if Crystal gets the ouster) whoever wins the game even if JC will not, I’m cool with it. They made that far and everyone deserve to win it all.


Some random rants…

– Tired with the too much drama shown. For the third time, tribal council was shown in two parts. Not good.

– Wonder who Kaye and Cris have voted for. GMA haven’t shown what should have been a regular staple after the tribal council which is the exit statement of the castoff and the castaways’ vote-off videos in between. Bad.

– Also, why is the OBB no longer shown at the beginning of each episode? Hope that they at least have it shown every Monday and Friday for a total Survivor feel. Evil.

– This things being left out only makes the whole show inferior to the original. Come on, while the show should appeal to Pinoy audience, standards shouldn’t be sacrifice this little details.

– And I still think a daily episode is bad for this franchise.

– Good thing there’s only 14 episodes left. Just few days and agonies will be ended.


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