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SP after day 32: K is for Karma

Posted in Random Thoughts, Television by tres on November 27, 2008

And so the trust issue finally worked against Kaye. Although I am expecting her to be one of the target in the next two tribal councils, I have hoped she would at least escape this one and things could turn around after. She decided to bring back trust to her former alliance in her last vote but in the end, she could no longer repair what is already done. Her strategy (if there was any) didn’t worked on her side. Thus the Kiko blindside backfired on her first and on Cris next (maybe).

Would have she gone a little farther if she has been true to her Naak alliance? Maybe. Maybe not. It would have still be dependent on how she would make a strong bond to two or three members of the bigger Naak alliance. I thought that after the “for the boys” agreement has been broken (through the Kiko blindside), she could have done just that but she did not. Instead, she continues to be skeptical about trusting them (thanks to Marlon) and thus the same was given to her in return.

What if after the backstab, she and Cris continues to play the game at their own pace against Jarakays and other Naaks, could they made it to top two? Maybe. The scenarios are too many and too complex I wouldn’t dare thinking about.

Ranking the 5 remaining castaways:
JC – Rob (up 1) – Zita (down 1) – Charisse – Cris (up 1)

JC continues to be the power player in the game along with Rob. Zita and Cris seems to have been following everything what the the two say even if it is against their will (take Charisse vs Kaye vote-off choice). Unless Zita, Charisse and Cris works on to blindside one of the two which seems to be a far-fetch as of the moment, I think JC and Rob could survive next TC even without winning the immunity necklace. Also, Cris seems to have given up the fight after throwing the black pearl. While it is still mathematically possible for him to survive next TC, looks like he’ll be the next new jury after next TC.

Winning the immunity necklace is more important now than ever for the remaining castaways specially for Cris and Charisse. Their fate is at stake in the next immunity challenge.

By the way, this got to be the best RC-IC-TC cycle I have seen on the show. Liked it fast-paced with one island day each shown one day airtime. See, it can be done. While I still think that a weekly basis showing is better, a three times a week SP is not bad in the future.


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