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SP after day 37: A race to the finish

Posted in Random Thoughts, Television by tres on December 8, 2008

With Cris voted off, only three remains to contend for the title.

BTW, I am not really into watching last Friday’s episode since (1.) Adam Sandler’s Big Daddy is on TV5 2.) Cris vote off is somehow expected, and 3.) the expectation of something unexpected didn’t come, but one of the three said at camp after that they all deserve their spot in the final three. All right. Somehow, I wasn’t convinced.

But going through everything that happened. I think JC, Rob and Cha really deserve where they have gone through. While one may contend that one or two of the juries deserve it more than any one of the three, I believe now that they are in that position since they got all the breaks and lucks in the game. After all they are there because they have outwit, outplayed and outlasted the other fifteen castaways and for that, they need to be congratulated.

Now, who will be the final two in the remaining three? I think Rob will be one of the two. At least he’s got to be the logical choice for JC and Cha if either will win the immunity challenge. Rob seems to be the the most unpopular on the jury and that would be a big advantage in juty votes for either of them (Cha or JC) if they should bring him (Rob) in the final tribal council.

It seems that if Rob and JC will win the last challenge, one will bring the other in the final two which is only logical for them to do. Charisse seems to be the biggest threat as of the moment and if she will make it to top two, I see her getting the number in the jury (She will most likely get the vote of Jace, Vern and Marlon and the other two or more from former Naaks might swing their vote to her.) But in order to get there, Charisse must win the last immunity challenge for her quest to continue.

In the end, the last immunity challenge is all important to any of the three castaways. It’s for JC’s sure shot to the title. It’s for Charisse to survive another day and win it all in the end. As for Rob, I don’t see him winning the title anymore but the immunity challenge is important for him for vindication. He has yet to have a convincing win in any challenge (the reward challenge he won was due to Zita’s mental lapse while he got immune one tribal council because of JC). This will be the last chance for him to prove his worth.


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