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S:G after day 33: Paranoia and deception

Posted in Radio, Random Thoughts, Television by tres on December 9, 2008

Corinne was voted off next. I have to admit I was not surprised by the outcome of this week’s tribal council and I was somehow wanted Corinne out also. I have just realized she’s not really that nice girl I suppose to like in earlier episodes.

Anyway, the main “plot” for this week’s episode is for Bob and Corinne try to deceive two from the alliance of five (Ken, Crystal, Sugar, Matty and Susie) that the immunity necklace that is supposedly thrown out in the ocean can still be played. (It was taken by Marcus and was not truly thrown out.) The idea is for one of them to win the immunity, deceive two from the alliance to go with them for the fact that they still have the hidden immunity necklace which will can be their weapon in the coming days. This means he has to make another fake necklace to go with the plan.

Luck seems to be on the side of Bob and Corinne as Bob has won the immunity challenge thus they now only have to try to speak to two of the alliance of five and try to blindside Matty. They got Ken and Ken got Crystal. The plan seems to be working fine as of this point as Ken and Crystal seems to be sold with the idea. But they got other plans going for them. They thought that if the immunity necklace is indeed not a fake one, they can have it played by Corinne this week so it will be flushed out already at the same time if it is indeed a genuine necklace, Matty could be going next. It would still be a win-win situation for them. So instead of both voting out Matty, Crystal and Ken opted to split their vote to Matty and Corinne. In the end, with no immunity necklace to play, Corinne was next to become jury member via a 4-3 vote.

My ranking:

Sugar – Crystal (up 1) – Susie (up 1) – Matty (up 1) -Kenny (down 3) – Bob

Since Bob’s plan with Corinne didn’t work out, he needs to win the next immunity challenge in order to survive next tribal council. He has no alliance but he remains to be a threat in the game. He seems to be the next to go.

Ken’s vote against Matty may backfire to him in the coming days but her alliance with Crystal seems to be getting stronger and that could save him yet again. But I’ll never know.

Matty remains to be a threat. He could survive one more tribal council but there is no assurance of his stay after that. It remains to be seen.

Earlier on the reward challenge, Bob won and had the chance to view the video message from his wife and a meal for him to consume. It turns out that the love one is on the area so he got to see her, too. Not only Bob but the rest of the castaways saw their love one as they got to be with them at the Nobag camp for the rest of the afternoon.

Can’t help but compare the scenarios when the same have happened in the local version of Survivor. While many say that the video message reward / love one meet up episodes of the Survivor Philippines get to be one of the best episodes of the show, I would have to say otherwise. Those episodes for me are too emotionally edited that is tend to be overdramatic. It was rather too emotionally-charged and way too dragging when it needs not to be. Thus, I would have to say that I felt more emphaty with the situation on the US version. It was rather short but so sweet. If I wasn’t moved by the “reunion” of JC and her girlfriend on Survivor Philippines, I felt otherwise with Matty and her girlfriend. The proposal was rather sweet. You know that they love each other very much.

While preparing to get out this morning, I am listening to the interview of Chico and Delamar with the second place tandem of Geoff Rodriguez and Tisha Silang of the The Amazing Race Asia 3. I haven’t seen a single episode of the show but I was glad that they made what it seems to be a little impossible feat of surpassing the mark made by 3rd place finisher buddies of Marc Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez in TARA 2. What made me like the chat is that you know that the interviewers know what they are talking about because they have watched it. It is annoying when you listen to interview that seems to scripted and you know the interviewer doesn’t know what he is talking about since he/she has never seen any episode of the show. Good job for the Morning Rush tandem.

And congratulations to Geoff and Tisha. (As if they will be reading this, huh.) Come TARA 4, I hope the team from the Philippines will already win. And I hope I can already have a chance to see it.

Speaking of which, got to catch the replay of TAR 13 finale tonight. Can’t help to find out who eventually won it.


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