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Survivor Philippines: Something About 1%

Posted in Random Thoughts, Television by tres on December 10, 2008

So the spoilers are true – JC Tiuseco will win the title as the first Pinoy Sole Survivor. Whether spoilers are just coincidental or it was really relayed as a fact, there is no way JC will not take the title on Friday. It is just a matter of formalizing it. So now, who says that 99% of the spoilers are not true?

Anyway, I still believe Rob will never win the title. (Looks like there is a still curse in Robs as they never win the title – think Rob M. and Rob C.) There is no chance for him to win against either JC or Charisse. He has no enough numbers to win. Had he chose to go with Charisse in the final 2, the Naak vs Jarakay will not be considered. While Charisse can get the 3 Jarakay votes, there is no assurance that Rob will get all the Naak votes. For one, I think Cris will never vote for him. One more vote swayed and Charisse already got the numbers.

But I think Robs choice is just right. For one, they had the gentleman’s agreement. Also, if he has to lose, Rob got to lose to a more deserving of the two. JC has proven he is the most worthy of the title among the three of them.

Charisse is close of taking the title. Too bad for her, the last immunity challenge was not meant for a equal chance for the three remaining castaways. It’s as if the games was prepared for an all-male final 3. The game is just unfair for her. She got all the disadvantages in that game that spelled her fate in the end. Had it been some other challenges, she could have fared better.

How do I see the juries voting? I see it a lopsided win in favor of JC. Rob might get lucky if he gets 3 votes. I see it JC getting all the votes from the jury. He is just the Mr Nice Guy in the camp and I think the jury sees that. He is a threat that made his way to the top without much backstabbing happened. Rob will still be perceived as the guy who rode to JC’s coattails. I think even Jace whom JC had blindsided in the first Chalam tribal council will vote for him in the end. Aside from Jace, another swing vote I see will be Vern. Although I saw her being closer to Rob during her stay in the Chalam camp, this is not an assurance she will vote in Rob’s favor. In the end, the jury will see that the more deserving will win the title.


Nick and Star won TAR 13.  I think they deserve it. Of the three remaining teams, I was rooting for them. .. Was Dallas and Toni were at the finish line to meet them? I didn’t recognized them if they were there.


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