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SP2 and Power of 10 coming?

Posted in Random Thoughts, Television, Uncategorized by tres on February 2, 2009

Saw the teaser on the second season of Survivor Philippines on TV this weekend. At last, there is some kind of confirmation about it. And while waiting for the drama to build up locally, for the meantime, there will be Survivor Toncantins coming this month. Cool. That means I might regret going out on a weekend this coming days.

Also read somewhere that the gameshow “Power of 10” will have it’s local version to be produced by GMA. This I got to see. The US version shown on Q was one of my must-watch shows on Q. As usual though, I have doubts if GMA will do good on the franchise. Hope they can choose a good host for this.

(edit 15-May-2009) I was disappointed with the Power of 10 pilot episode. It was paced so sloooooooooooow. The show was less than exciting because of so many spiels and gaps in between questions. I am not expecting for it to pick up in the coming episodes so I think the show’s going to be a big disaster. The 10M prize won’t help it make draw more viewers if it stays the way it was handled so far. And I thought Michael V would have been a better choice for the host.


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