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Seven: Top Keywords to this Blog

Posted in Observations, Personal, Random Thoughts by tres on February 6, 2009

For the last 365 days, the following are the top keywords that led someone to any page of this blog. In reversed order.

did you write the book of love – There are other entries who barely made it to the top seven keywords but I picked this line from one of my favorite songs since I think this appealed more to searchers than the other keywords used. It’s one of the titles I used before that has nothing to do with the content of the post.

inconsiderate person – A rant regarding a neighbor made at most 4 searchers using the said keywords stumbled to this blog.

who wins survivor gabon – I think I see this searched when there are still three or four weeks left to the season’s finale of Survivor: Gabon. Obviously, there are someone out there looking for a spoiler when myself don’t know who will win then. If I remember it right, there was an assumption that it was Matty who wins and searchers are confirming the validity of it. Sadly though, Matty didn’t even made it to final three as he losses to the firemaking tiebreaker against the eventual winner Bob Cowley in the top four tribal council.

victors write history – A popular quotation from someone I don’t know. Like did you ‘write the book of love’, it’s one of the titles I used before that has nothing to do with the content of the post.

jeepney barkers – Picking on those people whose making money in I’d rather say easy. I wonder what was the reaction of those who have read the piece of rant I did then. There has been no approval nor violent rant about it.

sino ang dapat sisihin – This one is something I am not surprised it landed in the list. For some reason I am expecting that the post has a potential of being picked out since the content of it is noveltily interesting and only few has posted the said declamation piece on the world wide web. I should know that since I have experienced the difficulty of searching one before. There are a lot of video posts but only few has the text of what is viewed.

sulmox – This is something that still surprises me when I see that someone stumbled to this blog. When I wrote the piece regarding the odd commercial for a cough medicine for children featuring a popular local actor, never did I know that it will be that “popular” afterwards. I only said my piece. Like the ones who used the keyword ‘jeepney barkers’, I wonder how the searcher felt after reading the piece. There was no reactions or whatever. One thing I suppose they did was to close the browser right after it popped out since there is nothing interesting or educational that is there to help in their research just like any other keywords used.

Interestingly, there was no keywords regarding Survivor Philippines made it to top seven when in fact, I know that most of the last year’s most popular entries in this blog (no matter how little the number is) was about the said show. I wonder how those fans made it to the pages of this retarded entries of mine then.

And keywords are clean, no obscene words or whatsoever.


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