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held back

Posted in Random Thoughts by tres on March 16, 2009

14 years

time flies too fast. those long years were the last time i stepped out of high school and pursue whatever dreams i have for myself that time. whatever happened in those period makes me a different person but not necessarily what i have been aspiring to be then.


for the first few years after leaving, i somehow had the urge to reconnect with my batch. but as the years goes by, it dawned to me that getting connected will be difficult – close to impossible. after a while, i realized everyone’s has moved on and so i should follow the lead.

going back

time will come that i have to but how can i go back when i have yet to venture in a longer journey. i’ve gone far but not far enough to decide to return.

not now, i’ve got to go ahead. not head back once again.


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