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Idol-mania in Manila

Posted in Random Thoughts, Television by tres on May 15, 2009

I was very careful yesterday surfing the net making sure I will be clicking any link that would tell me who was eliminated in the show. I even went out so I will not be tempted to see the news online so that when I see it on tv I will still be surprised with the result – whether or not it is a good news for me.

I was not prepared to know that my bet have gotten the least number of votes thereby leaving the show one week too early. While I am still optimistic that he has 66.67 percent of making it, there is also a large 33.33 per cent he won’t be lucky enough to survive.

Okay I was not successful on making myself unaware of the result as I have heard it on the radio that there will be a “shocker” result. While the disc jock never mention who was eliminated, I believe that I already got the news I wanted. A shocker result will not meant that Kris Allen was eliminated. It should be either Adam or Danny who got the boot so that it will be really a surprise one. Having heard so much of the show, everyone is almost prepared and psyched up for a Adam-Danny finale that it would surprise anyone if that will not happen.

I have been hoping for this finale eversince they were both qualified to the top 12 (Kris and Adam were part of group 2 in the top 36). While I was really not sure the dream finale would happen as I always been worried week in and week out how strong the fanbase of Kris is. He was never a top contender to win the Idol title unlike Adam and Danny. Or Allison, Lil or Alexis. But I never doubted he will be a dark horse in the competition. And he and his fanbase has proven just that.

How sweet it is to see my bet and the most deserving contestant to be in the finale. There could be anything better than that.

So who I think should win the title? I believe it will be a close call but I think it should go to Adam Lambert. Sure he doesn’t need the title in order to be successful in the music business but America should give him that anyway. He deserve it more than anyone in the competition.

While I am still more of a fan ot Kris Allen, I think he is better be the runner-up rather than the winner.


It’s official! Work is a hindrance to have a good-time. The two Davids of AI7 are all over Manila three days now and yet I have no chance to see them on one of their mall tours or even just see them in their tv guestings.

Anyway, thanks to David Cook and David Archuleta for doing a concert this Saturday in Manila. What’s more exciting is that they’re here much earlier than the scheduled concert. Only few foreign acts with a huge Pinoy following have given more time to their fans and not on the concert day itself. Congratulations for that!


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