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Posted in Personal, Random Thoughts by tres on May 21, 2009

I know exactly where the place is. It is very much familiar to me as I pass be the place everytime I go to work. I thought that by getting directly to the place will save me time and effort. When I am already there, even if it was my first time to be there, my instinct will guide me where road to take. Just when I thought I will get familiar with the place when I am already at the point and just when I thought everything will fall into place, I got lost. Here’s how it goes.

From my friends place where I have been only for the first time last week, I took a jeepney bound to Tandang Sora. Having to pass by Commonwealth Av everyday, I know where Tandang Sora is. What I am not sure is that if the place I know is a barangay, a district, or a road. But I took the gamble. In my mind, I thought that if I am already in the area, I can decipher where I should go next. So when I got to place, I realized that the place was the center of Tandang Sora (Bayan?). So I thought the Tandang Sora I know is a road. Which must be the case. Then I saw jeep with a Quirino Highway – Tandang Sora route. I remember seeing the route many times before in the Tandang Sora and Commonwealth Av intersections so I believe I am not lost. Just yet. My mistake was I got on board on a route going opposite direction on where I should be going. It just didn’t make sense to me that the route I should be taking was with the word Hi-way (I thought it meant Quirino Hi-way). Wrong move. And I realized my mistake when I was again left in the jeepney alone so I have to get off board.

When I got down, the place was totally new to me. Nothing familiar. I scan the place for something that I could identify but there’s none. There are some jeepneys plying with a route of Project 8 – Quiapo (among other places). So my initial suspect that I am way far from my destination has just been confirmed. Afraid that I get into trouble if “addicts” sense I am an stranger to the place, I board again to another jeepney going to Quiapo. That would be the wisest idea I could think of – go to the place where you have been before even if this will move you farther to your destination. I would have chosen just to flag down the first taxi cab that will go my way but I don’t have much money with me. The money I have that time could still make me mobile but just enough for cheap rides.

It was indeed a good decision, I never reached Quiapo but I already see a place that I have seen before. Not still familiar with the place but I much more sure with the direction I should take. So I boarded to a bus that would take me to the place that I should have been in the first place so I could have avoided getting lost.

The journey that I thought would save me time, money and effort have cost me more. But a journey is not complete without lessons learned and I have some;

The adventure thought me to take risks – to just go with your instinct.

I learned that signs don’t always make sense to strangers and there would always be a unique character to a place and don’t assume you know it based on what you have known before.

I learned to be observant with things around. It will be a great help if not now, it will be in the future.

I learned that one should know his direction and if he’s not sure with it, it doesn’t hurt to ask for help.

And most of all, I learned that there is no short cut in this life. It is a journey to take that no matter you want to take the best route for you, at one time or another you make bad decisions that would make your life stray away from your goals. You might end up in a place you never wanted to be but just go with the journey and continue taking risks. In the end, you will reach your goal with a better understanding what went wrong and how you would handle the situation on the next adventures.

Getting lost is a great experience to take once in a while. I have been a lot of times since I never learned my lessons well. I still take risks once in a while and it’s a great segue to a monotonous life I have been most of the time.


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