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Posted in Random Thoughts, Television by tres on May 26, 2009

Saturday (and Sunday) was a TV marathon for me as I have it planned. Although I have already known the results of the two favorite reality shows, I wanted to see it’s weekend replays. First was the three hour finale of Survivor: Tocantins, then there’s the performance replay of the American Idol finale. Then I also waited for the return of Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Except for the season’s pilot episode, I never seen the first half of the Survivor: Tocantins as I have been very busy doing some importing errands during the said period. I was just again reconnected with the show during the tribe merger, in the episode when Joe was evacuated due to injury. Having seen only half of the series, I have not really grow fond on the castaways and I can say that I never had a “bet” to win although I was somehow rooted for any from the old Jalapao tribe to win. I just love underdogs winning in the end. AND like many of those who have seen the show, I am one of those who hated Coach since day 1. I have wished he’s next to go only to be frustrated when he’s not.

Overall, I am satisfied with the result of the show. Stephen messed during the final tribal council and JT capitalized on it and I just love it. JT deserved the 7-0 unanimous vote. Good job.

As for AI, I only watched the first part of the performances, the part that I failed to see last Thursday. Since I missed it last Thursday, I love to hear again Adam’s rendition of Mad World which has been my favorite for the season. Alright, my bet was Kris but I still consider Mad World as the song that’s represents the show, at least for me.

Although I am happy with the result, somehow, I have a mixed feeling with Kris Allen winning the competition. He deserves to be an American Idol, there’s no doubt about it. It’s just majority seems to think that very talented Adam did a terrific job all through out the season that it was surprising for anyone to see him getting the runner up honor and not the main prize. Then again, it was the same reason I was rooting for Kris Allen right from the beginning. I am sick of hearing a possible Adam-Danny finale and I thought he is the right guy that should break that supposedly dream showdown being set up by the producer with the help of the judges. At first, I am not really sure if he can even make it to top 12/13. But when it was revealed that he got in together with Adam on group 2, I see he could go far. I even compared them (Adam and Kris) as this season’s David C and David A. I believe that Cook fans then would be Adam followers this season and Archie fans will go for the likes of Kris Allen (he is the closest I see among the top 13 boys). I thought that Archie fans could avenge their lost to Cook fans last season by going all out for Kris this time. But as the show progresses, Kris seems to have stayed in the middle and was not one of the favorites to win it all. That made me rooted for him more. I thought he was overshadowed by the judges’ pet and it was satisfying on my part when the favorites are going out leaving the dark horse in contention for the title.

On the local scenario, TV5 had it’s premier on the return on Philippine TV of the franchise Who Wants to be a Millionaire? with Vic Sotto as the host. Unlike my disappointment with the local version of Power of 10 at GMA7, I am very much pleased with the adaptation of this quiz show. The things I hated with Power of 10 was just not at all present in WWTBAM. The phasing of the show is just as I wanted it. There not much of unnecessary breaks in between questions that would spoil interest to the show. So far, Vic Sotto and the local production is doing a good job being loyal to the the franchise. I hope they can sustain it in the coming episodes. That hope is just not extended to Power of 10 since. As I have told before, I doubt improvements will be done in the future.


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