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pet peeve number one

Posted in Observations, Personal, Random Thoughts, Television by tres on June 26, 2009

maybe i am just making a big deal about it but i am still ticked whenever media (or anyone at that) call the northern provinces of cagayan and isabela as cagayan valley and isabela province, respectively. it’s as if the official names of those provinces are such and calling them merely cagayan and isabela will make anyone lost.

okay, the idea of adding “valley” in the province of cagayan is to distinguish it from the city of cagayan de oro in misamis oriental (down south). and adding “province” in isabela is to distinguish it from the city of isabela in basilan (also down south). but why do we need such distinction? to reduce confusion? i don’t think so. the more i have been confused with the idea. who should i follow now, what my teachers thought me, from the books i read, and what i have known since i was born or the things the media is telling us. unless there are changes in things i have not known.

but the last time i check it, i believe there is still no need to do such shit specially with the use of cagayan valley. come on, cagayan valley is not a province but it is the whole region that composed of five provinces namely batanes, cagayan, isabela, nueva vizcaya and quirino. so is ilocos is not a province but it is a region that is composed of provinces of ilocos norte, ilocos sur, pangasinan, abra, and la union. i digress. bottom line is, there is no place down south that is called by merely cagayan, but there is cagayan de oro. and isabela down south is a city of the province of basilan and up north is a province. we should all know these facts.

also, when someone introduces himself/herself and tells where he/she came from, is it more logical to tell the province rather than just telling the town or city he/she came from? of course, if he/she wants to be more precise, he/she would tell the town/city AND the province he came from. so if say that i am from cagayan, i am talking about my province. and if i say that i am from cagayan de oro (or cagayan de oro city, misamis oriental), i am from mindanao. it is not confusing. it is that basic.

some are just lazy to know the distiction and media is not helping to educate everyone about the philippine geography.

or maybe i am just overreacting. or maybe i just need to rant.

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