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on a desperate hope

Posted in Personal by tres on June 29, 2009

On my way to work this morning, my mind wanders again on how this daily routine has been constantly “killing” me. As the day pass by doing things that are becoming too monotonous to get me excited about, my life gets more boring to a record-breaking level now. As I am brisk walking, my mind again wonders what I am doing with my life. For five years and counting, I am stuck to a company I wanted to leave for five years and counting also. I am waiting for the moment when “Patience is a virtue” would actually come to terms with my situation. I have been desperate this last few days but it is still not happening. Then I thought of the opportunity I have taken, it seems that I will still have to wait a little more time. Another year in my work station seems to be the idea. While I can still hold on, I just can’t wait to jump out.

So I go with the routine. Log in to my already booted pc then open the email database. Stand up and go to the pantry and stay there for as long as I can. Drink water. Eat. Have a little chat with the messengers. Then go back to the barracks.

I scanned on the emails I received during the weekend. It seems all are spams – all five of them. I was ready to delete them one by one (I don’t want to mass delete them since I want to let the time pass by actually doing something and not just staring at the monitor) when one email caught my attention. No, it is not a spam. It is actually a legit one with the sweetest subject I have been waiting that I will receive in five more months from now. But it is here already. Cool.

I remember in one conversation I have with fellow “opportunists” that if you already got this kind of notice, the possibility of getting what you want gets higher. I hope I heard it right then and I hope it is really true since I am really want this thing work out for my own good. I have invested so much on this already and there is really no turning back. If this don’t work, I will have to make the next best thing to do. But I am not thinking about it for now as my sight is not somewhere near but to a place I never dared imagine to be in.

I guess I am really on my way out now. I just desperately hope that this is all my Bestfriend’s will. Still, I feel good with the developments unfolding. This is real.


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