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Posted in Observations, Random Thoughts by tres on July 9, 2009

I rarely load credit to my prepaid phone lately since I never really get to maximize everything and the load credit always end up expiring with still substantial value on it left unused. Or worse, out of the blue, that load vanishes in thin air without even knowing it did. Actually the latter reason was the main beef I have while I rarely use my phone nowadays. I hate the feeling of being cheated again so I avoid suffering the same fate I had seven months ago.

Blame it on the situations I was stuck into (even if it is due to my own will.) There is no reason to use it. It is plain inutile. But hey, it should be dead not a long time from now. Okay, I digressed.

So the news that circulated last Friday advising telco companies to extend the expiration life of prepaid loads was a welcome development for a “communicate-only-when-on-matters-of-life-and-death-situations” person like me. If this will be implemented soon, I should have more control to how I should handle my hard-earned money rather than that “smart” company dictating me to use it in the shorter period, else, I would bear the burden.

When I told this to my bros at home, I got a reaction that I really can’t comprehend. It’s as if they’re already used to the current scenario and the news (no matter how good it has to be) seems to them just a piece of news that will never be implemented anyways. They’re thinking of the additional logistics (like server etc.) on the telco companies part and to me, they’re more concerned to the negative effect of it not on theirs but on the other end. Irony, it is.

But I am still optimistic this will be implemented. I believe it should. Actually, the news is just a bit to what I wanted to happen. I wanted for more than just extending it. But for now, I would be glad for what is being served and who knows, there would be better things happening in the future. So the moment this will become official, I think I can give Yani a break and have it loaded again.


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