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SP2: Palau (cycle one)

Posted in Random Thoughts, Television by tres on August 25, 2009

So the first reward challenge/immunity challenge/tribal council cycle has just finished it’s airing with a “revelation” from the castaway that must have caused her (or him) to be the early target. But the game don’t end for Justine after being voted off. Not just yet. As Paolo in the teaser had told, she/he can still get back but the “how” would be answered in the coming episodes. BUT as a follower of the American counterpart, I already have a clear idea on this. So the plug that we don’t expect the twist is wrong. I knew it would come.

Except for the first episode, I didn’t watched the show as intently as before as I am found distracted with other activities aside from watching. There’s the internet surfing as primary distraction. Still I don’t feel like I am missing something. That is why, as I have been telling before, I liked it better if the show is shown in a weekly basis, not as a daily series. But much as I am complaining, I know that this won’t be possible. The investment for the show is big that there is a bigger possibility if it is shown more regularly.

Ranking the castaways after cycle 1:

Obviously the first 8 castaways are from the Airai tribe as they have shown better combined strength in the challenges. As for who should occuply the no. 1 – 8 , I have ranked them on how they are chosen by their tribemates as we have not seen how the supposed alliances working out for who’s advantage. On the Koror tribe, Marvin, Louie and Echo seems to be working quite good not to be targeted by others. Carol and Charles are the easiest target for now as they have exposed their weaknesses in their tribes this early. Good for Carol, she has been immuned in the first tribal council but how long she can hold on to game seems to be slim. I doubt if she has alliance to back her as she is claiming to have. I am not counting out Justine yet since she can still be back in the game.

1. Cris
2. Mika
3. Shaun
4. Amanda
5. Vlad
6. Maya
7. Troy
8. Jef
9. Marvin
10. Louie
11. Echo
12. Suzuki
13. Tara
14. Charles
15. Carol
16. Justine

Personally, my early favorites still remain as my bet – howling Marvin and the construction worker Amanda. This early, I am leaning on the underdogs, the Koror tribe, although I see that the stronger castaways (specially for the females) are on the other tribe.

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