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sp2: palau – cycle two

Posted in Television by tres on September 1, 2009

Since I don’t know if a cycle should start with reward challenge and end with the castoffs’ faceoff or should it start with castoffs’ faceoff and end with the tribal council, I’ll just have a cycle composed of RC-IC-TC-CF order. This means that second cycle has this results:

RC won by Koror (their first challenge won)
IC won by Airai
TC – Carol was ousted in the Koror tribe. Final vote out tally was Carol (6) and Charles (1)
CF – Justine won challenge against Carol; Carol officially become the first contestant to exit the game.

The voting out and ouster of Carol was somehow expected by anyone. She has never shown any signs that she can go the distance right from the start. Actually, she has been annoying to her tribe and also to the majority of the viewers. It was a relief that she got the first exit.

For whatever reason, I really hate the island where the surviving castoff will be staying was called such so I’ll just name it as the Exile Island (or even it’s local name Snake Island) and not as I.P. (I’ll never want to mention this here).

While I was somehow adamant of the idea at first, I must admit that having a faceoff between the castoffs before one would finally exit is not a bad idea at all. It would be a some kind of redemption to those CAs who were voted of because of not having a strong alliance but deserving of a second chance at least for a seat in the merged tribe. This would change the way the game will be played. My doubt before was because I thought that there would only be one challenge for all the castoffs after several days being voted off to vie for one slot in the merged tribe. I really wanted for the series of challenges to be done that would still complement with the efforts done by the CAs that are not voted out yet. At least, they are still as if in the challenges performed by the CAs inside the games, only they are exiled.

Ranking the remaining 15 castaways

1-8 (ranking is the same as in cycle one). Without any tribal council in Airai, it’s really difficult to determine which alliance rules in the tribe. But I think Jef and Troy are in trouble if the third tribal council will be theirs to attend.
9. Louie – He seems to be playing his cards well looking for every possibilities that could make him go farther in the game.
10. Suzuki
11. Echo
12. Marvin – He should be aware of a possible blindside now or in the future.
13. Charles – He still remains as the weakest in the tribe for me.
14. Tara – She seems to be the next target.
15. Justine – I think she will get tough competition next faceoff.

While I am still a Koror fan, I think Shaun and Amanda deserves the title with the way they are playing the game.


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