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sp2: palau (cycle four)

Posted in Random Thoughts, Television by tres on September 16, 2009

Some random thoughts. A way too late entry for cycle four.

The cycle started with a twist, a tribe shuffle. Before the shuffle, I had already have the following castaways as my favorites; Marvin and Amanda as early favorites then Shaun and Echo became one as the show progresses. So when there was a change in the tribes’ structure and my favorites went to the same tribe which happens to be my favorite tribe also, theres nothing sweeter than that for me.

So the new Koror tribe is now composed of originals Marvin, Echo and Suzuki (and Justine, still considered to be in Koror) with the addition of Amanda, Shaun and Jef. Tara, Louie and Charles, on the other hand, went to Airai to join the original members Cris, Vlad, Troy and Mika.

I thought that the shuffle was one extra castaway too early but still I am happy with the results, so I am still happy with it.

Other results:

  • Reward challenge (fishball feast) won by Airai.
  • Immunity challenge won by Koror sending Airai to their second tribal council.
  • Plan backfired, Vlad was voted out by his tribesmates 5-2 against Louie. Vlad was the fourth castaway to be voted off.
  • No faceoff challenge as Vlad quits altogether making Justine enjoy more days in exile.

I love it when the results was something I never expect to happen. As I have said at the end of cycle three, I thought the girls are not safe and it would be any of them is in danger of being voted off next. But the twists of the game favored them as the plan for male domination didn’t materialized for some of the castaways. At the start of this cycle, I never saw Vlad being voted out next (ranking him second even) but it happened. Nice.

Also, Vlad’s decision not to do the faceoff is something I never expected also. I thought that his reason was not enough not to do the challenge. It’s disappointing but that’s part of the game so I can deal with it.

Ranking the remaining 13 castaways

  1. Marvin
  2. Cris
  3. Amanda
  4. Suzuki
  5. Echo
  6. Shaun
  7. Charles
  8. Mika
  9. Tara
  10. Louie
  11. Troy
  12. Justine
  13. Jef

I think it would be a toast between Louie and Troy to be voted off if Airai loses to the next immunity challenge but I think whoever voted off might still stay in the exile by defeating Justine in the faceoff. On the other hand, if Koror loses (which I hope not), Jef might be voted off and loses even in the castoff’s faceoff. Then again, it might be another shock result coming again so I am not betting my peredictions to happen.


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