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Everything will be all right

Posted in Observations, People and Places, Personal, Random Thoughts by tres on September 28, 2009

Late Saturday morning. I wake with the worsened condition of my colds. I wanted more sleep but I have to get up as I was about to get drenched by the rain water coming from the roof holes. The day is dark (and noisy) with the typhoon. I tried to go online but the internet is so slow (out-of-order even) that I was only able to post one update (my complaints for the day) on Twitter after an hour of trying to do so. I gave up after. And I thought this could be one of the worst days I ever had.

Then an hour later or so, reality strikes and I realized that I am much luckier that I thought. There are a lot out there that unfortunately have to suffer more than I have to come accross. I was complaining about the rainwater coming from the holes while a lot have to deal with the water coming all over the place. I was complaining of my colds, but I know it is a lot harder to be out there battling the forces of nature. I was grumbling on my internet connection, while others are doing what they can to get help and don’t know if others are responding.

At the end of the day, there is still discomfort because of the colds, I wasn’t able to sleep to my room because my bed’s got drenched, and I never got back online as the line got busted. But I am no longer complaining. I am happy to count my blessings.

But I am hoping that everyone and everything will be all right after the misfortune.

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