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sp2: palau (cycle six) bleeping and hissing, no more

Posted in Random Thoughts, Television by tres on September 29, 2009

Getting sick with the Jef-Marvin love angle getting too much air time. Please let it rest.

Cycle six results:

  • Koror won both the (massage) reward challenge and the immunity challenge (fruit bat eating).
  • Koror gave Cris the immunity bracelet for the second time
  • Airai (despite their losses) wins the reward after the immunity challenge a.k.a. twist, a tribal camp switch. Koror got pissed while Airai feasts.
  • Louie was voted off by Airai and then losses to Justine in the faceoff making him the fifth person to officially leave the game.

I will miss the bleeps everytime he speaks and the different snakes shown before his profile is. Surely he’s one of the CAs that viewers love to hate but personally I wished he had gone to the distance. I have no complaint if he had won either. He’s a character. But the breaks of the game didn’t go to his side. Had the faceoff challenge was the one that of Troy, I think Louie have won it handily.

Ranking the remaining 11 castaways:

  1. Marvin
  2. Echo
  3. Suzuki
  4. Amanda
  5. Shaun
  6. Cris
  7. Mika
  8. Charles
  9. Justine
  10. Tara
  11. Jef

I think there will still be one more tribal immunity challenge before the anticipated merger will come. It’s still hard to predict who’s going home next with the present composition of the present tribes. But I think the next one to go will come from the weakest and judging the situation, it will either be Tara or Jef. And with the strenght shown by Justine so far, she has the advantage of either of them come faceoff. Justine might come victorious and will join the merger.

Prediction for cycle 7: While Koror has the advantage as of what is shown, I think Airai will win the next immunity challenge. But I am hoping not.

off topic:
I thought I will miss Survivor: Samoa altogether. Thanks to CS9, I just missed one episode so far.


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