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sp2: palau (cycle seven) surprises and twists that is justine

Posted in Random Thoughts, Television by tres on October 6, 2009

I thought the bleeping and hissing will be gone after Louie’s departure but apparently it’s not. The venom has transferred and it seems it will still go a long way so beware!

Cycle seven results:

  • Castaways looking forward for the merger and it didn’t happen.
  • Koror, yet again, won both the reward challenge and the immunity challenge.
  • Koror gave Tara the immunity bracelet for the first time thinking Airai will further get down with her presene.
  • Cris was voted off by Airai. Surprise!
  • Castoff faceoff challenge is a camp building.
  • Merger finally came. New tribe is called Sonsorol
  • Justine won convincingly in the challenge earning her the right to get back in the game.
  • Cris became the sixth person to officially leave the game.

Electricity was gone before the airing of the tribal council episode so I didn’t really knew what happened then and I only got to know who voted off Saturday morning. While I was not surprised that Cris was voted off by Airai, I thought the only way he is going out is due to a tiebreaker between him and Charles. (I thought Tara and Charles will vote off Cris, while Mika and Cris will vote off Charles.) I haven’t expected Mika’s vote against Cris. But I was happy with it, I was never a Cris fan anyways.

But as if surprises is not enough, I didn’t expect the faceoff challenge will have a lopsided result. If it was, I thought it would have to favor Cris. But as the challenge get by, I began to think that Justine can win it. And she did, with conviction.

So with the merger, the game get’s more exciting. I have still my fab 4 in running but I don’t think they will go all the way until the final days as I wanted it. At best, at least one of them will be in the finals but the other CAs are as determined and I guess everyone has equal chances of winning the title.

Ranking the remaining 10 castaways:

  1. Echo
  2. Suzuki
  3. Amanda
  4. Mika
  5. Marvin
  6. Shaun
  7. Charles
  8. Justine
  9. Jef
  10. Tara

So far, no dominant alliance has been shown so it is still difficult to predict on who is controlling the game. Will the original Koror tribe (Marvin, Echo, Suzuki, Charles and Tara – and Justine) reunite to dislodge one by one the original Airais? Will there be girl power (Jef, Echo, Amanda, Mika and Tara – and Justine? Or the switched Koror tribe (Marvin, Echo, Suzuki, Shaun, Jef and Amanda – and Justine) continue to dominate the game? Can Justine continue to turn the odds to her side?

Right now, I am more concerned with Marvin’s fate. Sure, he is the strongest castaway but his strength can only get him as far as now. Does he have an alliance he can really trust? I hope there is.

Prediction for cycle eight (immunity challenge is shown tonight): Mika or Echo will win immunity. Voted off: hard to tell, I hope it will be Tara or Charles or Shaun (or Marvin even). But I think it would be better if it will be Mika or Jef. If Mika can survive next tribal council, I think I will have to see more of her. As for Jef, much as she is pleasing to watch, I am not pleased with her seemingly “ignorance” in the game and her flirting ways.

off topic:

Survivor: Samoa got an interesting tribal council last week. No favorites yet but I can say Survivor: Samoa really rocks.


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