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sp2: palau (cycle eight) the strongest and the best don’t always win

Posted in Random Thoughts, Television by tres on October 12, 2009

While I knew this coming, but I never thought it to be this soon. Now, I am losing my interest into the series but no. One of my favorites may have lost but that only proves that this batch of castaways offer better than the first one when it comes to creating strategy into the game.

Cycle eight results:

  • New tribe was formed – Sonsorol
  • Justine was safe in the first Sonsorol tribal council after getting the second immunity necklace attached to the immunity idol.
  • Shaun won the first individual immunity challenge. Jef almost did (to my surprise).
  • Marvin was voted off in the tribal council making him the first jury member.
  • Marvin gave the black pearl to Mika and the white pearl to Suzuki.

I wasn’t able to see the Friday so I have no idea on how the votes are swayed against Marvin’s favor. When I learned that it was him who was voted off, I was still disappointed although I knew it coming sooner or later. It just confirmed that the strongerst and the best don’t always win. He was outwitted, and that’s part of the game.

Ranking the remaining 9 castaways:

  1. Amanda
  2. Jef
  3. Shaun
  4. Mika
  5. Echo
  6. Charles
  7. Justine
  8. Suzuki
  9. Tara

I believe that with the ouster of Marvin, the puzzle on who the dominating alliance will be. The girls outnumber the boys and they can use this advantage to vote out another male castaway who they think will dominate the game. Of the three remaining boys, while Shaun is the strongest but is protected by Mika and Amanda, Suzuki seems to be the next target and probably be the next to go. When they can do that, then the majority can already vote one woman out, most likely it would be Tara or Justine. At that point, the composition of the tribe would give the original Airai the number and they could vote out one by one the remaining original Koror members to final four and after that, it would be equal chances.

But that will still remains to be seen with the white and black pearl at play on the next tribal council. The white pearl may save Suzuki but this is not an assurance. Looking at the present situation, it is not really good for any of the original Koror tribe. I still think any of them is going out next unless they will realize that they will lose the numbers game in the coming days. And give the credit to Mika, the mastermind of it all. If she could survive the next tribal council, her chances to final two (or three) will be better. But winning it is totally a different matter. For now, I think Amanda has what it takes to win the title.

off topic:

  • At Survivor: Samoa, Galu finally got a taste of tribal council and as I wanted it, Yasmin was voted out. She’s just annoying when I first saw her and the impression stuck on me
  • Also, the hidden immunity at Galu was also found. Neat.

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