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sp2: palau (cycle nine) divided and conquered

Posted in Random Thoughts, Television by tres on October 20, 2009

My fear has just came true. The Koror tribe castaways that I have been rooting for has been divided and now close to being wiped out one by one. While it breaks my heart to see Echo being voted out, it was her own doing and she’s got herself to blame. She got the biggest mistake when she agreed to vote out Tara first knowing that she can use it to her advantage if Tara will be around for at least one more tribal council – whether she will align herself to either the original Koror tribe or to the perceived girls alliance. By voting off Tara, it made her weaker – thus vulnerable of voting off next. Sad.

Shaun, Jef and Mika won the reward challenge. The losers got the clue to the hidden immunity object but shared the information to the winners still. Then Suzuki won the immunity challenge, Justine second. Then Tara voted off in the tribal council making her the second jury member. In a surprise tribal council, Echo was voted off next, making her the third jury to decide who will win. On the tribal council, Paolo also announces that whoever voted off next will have the chance to have two votes on the next tribal council after that. Interesting but I am sick of this pearl crap (whatever the color maybe).

I have to admit this is one of the most anticipated tribal council for me and it’s just disappointing to see original Airai’s chances getting stronger. While I am happy with Amanda and Shaun’s chances getting bigger, it worries me that so is Jef and Mika’s chances also improves. I hope things will still change come cycle ten. Now that Echo gone, I am shifting to Shaun as my next bet. Hope he can use his chances to his advantage.

Here’s how I rank the remaining castaways and how I think they should do to get to the final two or three.

  1. Shaun – I see that the next victim could go down to his vote. If things will go to original plan, he can align himself to the original Airai or he will go more daring, he can go to the original Koror and backstab his former allies.
  2. Amanda – She should be safe for now as her alliance is getting stronger.
  3. Jef – Good for her, she got a strong alliance. Like Amanda, I think she will be safe.
  4. Charles – Being perceived as the weakest on the remaining original Koror tribe has it’s advantage. But for him to advance further, he needs at least three allies that neither of them are in danger of being voted off next. He doesn’t have that advantage for now but at least, he will be safe for another tribal council.
  5. Mika – Actually she should be rated higher but I hope this get some signal that she should be voted off next. If there is a real threat right now, it is her. Right now, everyone is making her as the sole survivor and I am not thrilled with the idea.
  6. Justine – The strongest female could go next. Although she could be the potential swing-voter, her chances of staying for me is slim. She can survive the next tribal council but if she can’t get a good alliance now that the original Koror got down. Even if she can align herself with the girls, she will still be at the top of everybody’s list to be chopped next.
  7. Suzuki – Right now, I think that an immunity necklace or the hidden immunity object is the only way he can escape to become the jury # 4.

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