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sp2: palau (cycle ten) down to the last man standing

Posted in Random Thoughts, Television by tres on October 26, 2009

This got to be the week I have followed and taken a close look on how the alliances are formed. It was interesting.

But… to declare that I was extremely upset with result of the tribal council was an understatement. This should be the last stumbling block that would give Shaun a fighting chance to the title of show’s Sole Survivor and with the way things are going he will have a taller order to hurdle. Although the castaways have so far shown unpredictability in their choice on who should go next, it is not difficult to be aware of what the remaining castaways think and everyone seems to be not keen of facing Shaun in the immunity challenges. He was saved by the hidden immunity object but to the drawback of his closest ally, Suzuki.

If there was one person I am blaming to the end of Zuki’s run, it would have to be Charles who turns out to be the real swing vote in the said tribal council. Okay, it was Jef who decided who to be voted off next after a tiebreak but that tiebreaker would have not happened had Charles stuck to the boy’s alliance. Good for him, he was able to jump off to an alliance that could probably bring him to the finals. Bad for Shaun, he remains as the odd man in Sonsorol tribe.

Until now I am disappointed with Charles’ decision to jump ship without thinking that would bring Zuki (and Shaun) to the disadvantage. I can’t find good motive to his decision, only a selfish move.

Ranking the remaining castaways;

  1. Jef . This got to be the first time I am considering Jef as the frontrunner in the competition. She’s into two strong alliances and in a win-win situation whichever way she chooses. I am seeing her going out next, and not in the next three tribal councils.
  2. Charles. Good move for him and I don’t like the idea that he could be in the finals. But it can happen with the last-minute alliance he got into.
  3. Amanda. She is safe for the next tribal council at least. But her days are now numbered with the emerging of a new alliance she’s unaware of that could ruin her chances of making it until the end.
  4. Justine. She remains as a threat to others for the title but she will be a contender after the next tribal council.
  5. Mika. I was thinking that the next tribal council would be a perfect time to get rid of her but I am not quite sure if everyone thinks the same as I take it. I think she will still remain victorious after the next tribal council. I detest the fact that Mika remains as the most brilliant castaway left. If it is in any consolation, I believe that if not the next tribal council, she will be in the chopping block next.
  6. Shaun. The only sure way for this last man standing to stay in the game is for him to win the immunity necklace. If not, he is in deep trouble. Two votes from Zuki and a vote from him is not enough to topple Mika. Shaun needs two more votes and there seems to be no available help in the horizon. Best of luck, Shaun.

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