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sp2: palau (cycle eleven) the power shift

Posted in Random Thoughts, Television by tres on November 1, 2009

A major let-down. WHERE IS MY OBB? For four weeks now, it’s no longer shown at the beginning of the show. Are the production too lazy to edit it?

So Shaun’s gone. Too late to break into the looming alliance of Jef, Justine and Charles. Had it not for the quick alliance made before the cycle ten tribal council wherein the three made a pact, it would have been easier for Shaun to be in the Power 3 instead of Jef in there. Too late for him as the three already made up their plans on how the votes will go in the next three tribal councils.

It’s kind of expected but I was hoping that in the last minute, Justine and Charles (and Jef even) would change their mind and blindside Mika when they have the time to do it. That didn’t materialize which is sad for me.

Ranking the 5 remaining castaways.

1. Jef – If there is one person that will surely be in the final four, it would have to be Jef. Now, whoever she wants to join in there would be her discretion. Will she go with her former alliance or to the new one? If things will not change drastically, her chances to the final three also improves from here.
2-4 Justine, Charles, Amanda – It is hard to predict who really is going out next as there has been no clear indication on the alliances will go. Sure Justine and Charles should be safe if indeed they have an ally in Jef. But things will still change and there will still be chance that Jef will sway back to her alliance in Mika and Amanda.
5. Mika – She should go next and the immunity challenge could be her only ticket to the final four. Again, this assumption will only be possible if there is no drastic change in everybody’s vote, specially for Jef.

Honestly, my excitement dipped with the developments.


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