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sp2: palau (cycle thirteen) it’s “sugar” all over again

Posted in Random Thoughts, Television by tres on November 11, 2009

Whew! That’s got to be the one of the best tribal council in this season.

Maybe it’s just me but I think I have seen this happen in Survivor: Gabon. Sugar – the swing-voter. Sugar – the power player. Sugar – the weak player that made it to the end. Sugar – the sweet girl. And the same Sugar who got no vote from the jury on the final tribal council. In this Philippine version, Sugar’s counterpart would be Jef. And I am betting Jef suffered the same fate as that of Sugar as I don’t see any of the jury will give her the title. Not one.

So that means jury will choose only between Amanda and Justine. And my instinct says that Justine will get at least four of the votes. For sure, she will get Echo and Charles’ vote. And maybe Shaun’s, Zuki’s, Marvin’s and Tara’s. Either one may give the vote to Amanda but I doubt there will be two of them giving the vote to her. The only vote that will surely be for Amanda will be Mika.

My fearless forecast is that Justine will be the second Pinoy Sole Suvivor. 6-1-0. It may be 5-2-0. I doubt it will be 4-3-0.

And if there will be texter’s vote once again, I think it will be close call but even without it Justine will still prevail.


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