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(Recap) The Unpredictable Survivor Philippines: Palau

Posted in Random Thoughts, Television by tres on November 22, 2009

It’s been more than a week when Amanda was declared as the second Pinoy Sole Survivor. Here’s my thought.

First off, I was disappointed that the ritual of remembering-the-castaways-that-was-gone-before-them-by-gathering-one-by-one-their-snuffed-torches-and-burn-everything-after was not done by the final three. Although it was less exciting when it was done on the first season, I was still looking forward for it but it was scrapped altogether much to my dismay.

I got a mixed feeling on Amanda’s win. While I was glad that one of my two initial favorites to win the game (together with Marvin), at the same time I am not thrilled of her win because her win meant that Mika got what she wanted – she, too, won when Amanda got the another three nods from the juries.

It was a quite a surprise that the vote have gone on Amanda’s side since I was expecting Justine will win it handily. But it seems that it was fated that Amanda will win it but not without any struggle. It was sort of come from from behind but not really that way. First, she lost her closest ally in Mika. Then she lost to Charles in the immunity challenge. That proved to be a blessing in disguise since the decision of giving away a chance for a sure condo unit for a chance to winning the bigger prize proved to be a no-brainer but difficult still. Then the twist of fate happened. Justine gone berserk before the top four tribal council and the rest followed. She won the firemaking faceoff to decide who will join Jef and Justine in the final tribal council.

If it wasn’t enough (I even call it the producer’s intervention), Mika got the chance of her life when she was the last to interogate the final three wherein she lambasted Justine (where the moment got worse for Justine when she got a little bitchy. It’s the only chance she got to get back at Mika but that proved late and futile.) Afterwhich she got the chance to pimp out Amanda to plead her case to the jury. I thought that tearjerking plea turned two juries into her side. Two juries that have caused Justine lose the title. Had Mika not the last one to speak, I thought Justine could have still won the title, since she will still have the chance to sway at least one jury to her side.

Unpredictable indeed. Interestingly, as relayed to me by a person who watched the reunion show, it was Tara and Zuki the juries who got the pivotal decision to give the title to Amanda – the two person who I really thought that will be voting for Justine and not Amanda. I thought it was Marvin and Charles who changed their mind in the end. Specially Charles.

I didn’t watched the reunion show not only because I hate that there will be discussion on the Marvin and Jef love angle but for the fact that I have been expecting nothing new and expectacular to it. The castaways have been all around the place even before the show began and that just spoiled the fun of expecting to know the facts on the reunion show. The show is not worth watching and I thought I was right. In the first place, was it really a reunion show when we have seen them on a regular basis doing the rounds of overexposing themselves to everyone.

The “reunion show” is just one of the deviations from the original that I believe didn’t help in convincing me for another season. The first season don’t have this much deviations making me doubt that the third season will be better than what it is now. It could only be worse.

But if there will be season three, then I hope things will go back to the basics – don’t expose the castaways, don’t deviate too much to the original, and don’t forget the OBB.

Since there was no remembering-the-castaways-that-was-gone-before-them-by-gathering-one-by-one-their-snuffed-torches-and-burn-everything-after ritual, I will do this myself. Looking back at the castaways.

Carol – right on the first day, I thought she won’t last in the game and rightly so. She reminds me of a typical teacher I had who never endeared me.

Maya – One of the castaway I thought don’t deserve to be one to leave the game so early. She deserves to be in the merge but was blindsided early in the game.

Vlad – one of the castaways that I never liked nor hated. But I was disappointed when he quits in the faceoff challenge.

Troy – at first, I thought he could offer something interesting to the show then I realized he will not.

Louie – the “contrabida” that I would have wanted to have stayed longer. This snake is just a character you will love to hate.

Cris – another castaway that I never liked nor hated but wanted to get out early in the game. Good thing for me he didn’t made it to the merge.

Marvin – my favorite right from the start. Too bad he was too strong a threat and with no strong alliance, he was forced to survive on his own and failed.

Tara – a character that i don’t care if she go the distance or gone too early (but not the first one to avoid the curse of a back to back season with the sisters going out first.)

Echo – again, i was sorry she didn’t go the distance but she should not blame Jef and Amanda for her fate. For one, she never strategize for a sure seat into the finals. She expects that everyone will save a seat for her which never happened of course. Apparently it was Jef who got that privilege.

Zuki – i will remember him as the jury that has the best question for the top three. Serious!

Shaun – the last man standing and the last one that I thought I won’t complain, not even a bit, if he will be the sole survivor. Too bad he didn’t go the distance since like Marvin, he’s a strong threat.

Mika – she might not be the Sole Survivor but for me she still wins for playing the game very good. I hate it that she wins but I am happy that there was a castaway that is Mika.

Charles – He’s good. No, I changed my mind.

Jef – I wished she has no alliance, I wished she’s not a castaway, I wished she never made it to the final three. But she did. I have seen too much of her in the show that I think that’s enough exposure for her. I wish I’ll never see her again for a long time. Promise, I won’t watch show that is her in it.

Justine – She had proven she is truly a survivor. I was proven wrong that she will not even make it to the merge.

Amanda – It was fate that made her there but not without her will, strenght and good relations to the other castaway. She deserves the win, nonetheless.


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