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Posted in Random Thoughts by tres on June 6, 2010

Just finished reading Tai-pan by James Clavell and I am proud of the accomplishment. Sure, it took me about six months to finish it but I am so glad I’m already done with it.

Got the copy of the book last December when I saw it lying on a bookstore selling second-hand copies. I thought I will never get a chance again of having a copy of it if I would opt not to buy it.  Besides, I have decided before that I will have to read at least one book that is I have thought myself of reading. A genre that is not the usual read for me (read: romance or humor). I have read somewhere of the title and there seems to be some raves on it so I decided Tai-pan would be it. Also, I only bought it at P30, a price too cheap that is equivalent to a cheap snacks.

Actually, Tai-pan is not the first book I have read on the same genre. I also have read a less known title before it. But I digress.

So, what have I found about the book? At first, I would say that I got intimidated of starting it since even at the start I know that the reading is too different from what I am used to reading. I thought it was too big for me since I have not read a 700+ -paged novel before. Also, History is not within my understanding so that is another would be another hindrance I am risking to understand really what I am reading.

But that said, I thought that I have done reading with much fun and suspense and I won’t mind of re-reading it again to see what I have missed without being bored with the book. Notwithstanding, I thought I already got the idea of the whole novel. More than a fictional history novel, it tells more of people and how they are related with each other. Personally, the novel got me to think more outside my own biases, opinions, and issues – to be more understanding of everybody’s beliefs not only as an individual but as part of a group/race.

Just a non-sense random thought.


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