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Survivor Philippines revisited

Posted in Random Thoughts, Television by tres on November 17, 2011

For three days now, Facebook page of Survivor Philippines has been flooding my timeline with live updates with quotes from the castaways on each episodes that has been shown now. I, for one, don’t like it. One word – spoiler. But this triggered my curiosity to watch it anyways.

Okay, for the record, I didn’t saw any of the episode of the third Philippine installment of the franchise. It was mainly because of Richard Gutierrez. It was a miscast, I believe, and I still do after watching the episodes now. Everything is just wrong with Richard being the host. Everything. I really wished it was Paolo Abrera or even Drew Arellano doing the job. But I digress.

So, the three episodes is summed up mainly of the Geneva drama. It pissed me really. But I’ll go there later.

Some side comments first:

— As Betong have observed: Is this really a Filipino edition? English speaking much, eh? Honestly, this conyo and kolehiyala speaking castaways amuses me in a bad way.
— When the cast was revealed, I was going for Gino. Am still rooting for him this early but I have no problem so far whoever is going to win this time. But it’s too early to tell and the way they will play their games will help me determine on how I gauge them if they played it well and played it good. For now, I’m for Gino and John of the Volcanoes. And Stef.
— No problem with the casting, specially with the Coming Duo. I hope they will last in the game. They are badly needed there if only to endure the existence of the non-existing host that is of Richard Gutierrez.
— Rooting for Bulan tribe this early. I feel they are the better team despite the early misunderstanding between partners on the the tribe.

And there’s the Geneva drama. Honestly, I don’t know where the bursts of emotions are coming from. No, she is not misunderstood as she is trying to imply. She is just unreasonable. I’m trying to get the logic on her every burst but I just don’t get it. She’s talking about her values going against the way the game is played. The heck, she should have not considered of joining the game in the first place if only to decide to quit on the first day (just a few hours when everything has started.) That’s insane. She’s there for KC, because KC really wanted to play Survivor? Doh. She would declined the offer and still KC would played still. I bet there would other people KC have relationship with (i.e., his brother Colby!, or Heaven even or anyone except her.) I knew why the production chose her as she would seem to fit for the game. Apparently, the production got it wrong. She’s just a bad actress (sorry, but she is!) with so much attitude to handle. Oh well, maybe one day in the Survivor-setting island can really make one person like that.

So there, my first three episode rant on my beloved Survivor Philippines. Will I watch the fourth episode tonight? Probably not. Reason? As I have said before, this daily routine ala-telenovela treatment is not for me. Might as well have a marathon on a weekend if I have to. Also, did I already said that Richard Gutierrez sucks as the host?

OT but still on Survivor: Ozzy Lusth need not win the game to deserve the title of Survivor. He already is without compromise in my opinion. Imba siya. I hope (although not totally convinced) that he will make it to the very end. The odds is against him but I strongly believe he can do it.


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