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Posted in Observations, People and Places, Personal, Random Thoughts by tres on November 24, 2011

Hours ago was kind of windy in here. While it was not exactly that strong, it was able to scatter the garbage bins all over the gas station island in the place I am working. Working alone at that time and with still much to do before the morning rush comes, I decided to leave those bins scattered and wait for the cover shift to come so he or I can get out and put these bins in place. Besides, I am not allowed to leave the vicinity so not much of a choice really even if I wanted to run out and do it.

So morning rush came and I pretty much occupied with the things to juggle inside the store – cleaning, coffee brewing, managing the grill and manning the register, almost all at once. So customers come and go the store and while I see one (or two) of the gas pumps outside is not serviceable since three garbage bins are blocking those pumps, I can only apologize to the customers if they have to ask why not someone would take care of the mess outside. Well no one really bothered to ask about it since there are other pumps they can use if they have to pump gas. Until one customer mentioned it when I am taking care of the stuffs he bought.

“Bakit nagkalat pa iyong mga basurahan sa labas.” he quipped.

“Mag-isa lang po ako kaya hindi ako makalabas para ayusin…” I answered.

“Mag-isa ka lang? Anong oras darating kasama mo?”

“Alas siyete pa po.”

“Bayaran mo na lang ako at ako ang mag-aayos. Sampu.” he smiled saying.

I just smiled back. The heck, a minute work to be paid for a hour worth?

From outside, one customer that is about to pump gas (and although the pump he is about to use is clear of the mess.) took his time to put the garbage bins that is blocking the pump in front of his truck. The man I am talking with notice this also.

“Hayan, maayos na iyong ibang basura” he told.

“Oo nga po.” I answered back though I have observed he was hesitant to point that out to me.

As he is going back to his car, at the back of my mind I was expecting him to do just what the other customer has done on the other island. It’s not because it was expected of him but out of courtesy. He saw what the other guy did and he even has the guts to tell me the deed so I suppose he can step up and do just the same on the other island. Never mind of the pay he is asking.

Ok, I am expecting him to do a good deed but also I know I expect too much and I was right. He past the mess and go on and drive to where I know he will be paid for the job he is about to accomplish. The hesitation was a dead giveaway. Mind your own business, eh? But wait, he just minded other’s business, I so thought.

It was a small gesture that if was done, I could have been more proud than ever. Instead, it left me a mark that asking, do we care for a solution on the messes around us even if it is not our job to do it but a person we know needed help at the moment? Do we just move on our lives and care less on things around us?

It the incident not a clear representation of who we are? I can only hope so.


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