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What happened to your high school valedictorian?

Posted in Personal, Random Thoughts by tres on November 30, 2011

Saw this asked by one I am following on my favorite social networking site. No, it’s not the one one might be thinking of. Not you, Facebook, although I am tempted to post this also to my wall or to Alma Mater’s wall without having to sound negative but that’s not possible I decided otherwise.

This caught my interest and somehow the query have gotten some variable answers too which me all the more interested to the topic. Apparently, not all got successful after the graduation, but still some managed to live with the expectation for the title being given them. Some are reaping he rewards of hard labor, some still struggling to do so. Some have given up trying, some just stop trying while one happened to stop without trying. Successful and unsuccessful individual in different mix. Then again, success is relative term. It depends on the measure one has on how a person is perceived to be successful. I myself seems to be perceived by others as somewhat successful but I am thinking otherwise.

I have a lot to prove. Not only to other people but to myself. I haven’t reached the minimum potential I require myself to get into. Of course, I can only do so much and I have to wait for some thing to come into place. Heck yeah, destiny.

So what happened to our high school valedictorian? She’s happily married with two kids. She might not became a professional as others expected her to be but I’d say she’s on the right track. As long as she’s happy where she is now, then the title she got many years back doesn’t measure her success in life today.


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