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Ahh, Facebook

Posted in Personal, Random Thoughts by tres on February 13, 2012

the most popular social network site of today. hands down. but despite it’s popularity, i can say honestly that it’s not my favorite. yes, i frequent to the site almost everyday but i never really loved it as others would have been so addicted to the site. facebook is not really for me, and i just have issues with it and basically the way it is how it has been used lately.

first of all, the reason i am been a regularly logging in to my account is basically the same reason why social networking sites are created, that is to connect. being the most used site worldwide, it is easy to get acquainted with friends and relatives all over. it is a way of me bridging the gap with what is happening with the people i know, with what they have in mind, how are they doing with their daily lives.

lately, however, there is somehow disconnect in my reason of frequenting the site with what i have been experiencing every time i see my news feed. somehow, friends posts are no longer about them, it is becoming so impersonal. everyone is becoming newsman, comedian, show presenter, breaking neews reporter among other things that they are not in real life. so what seems to be wrong with that? well, nothing. if it is done once in a while. but it becoming so often makes me frustrated that it seems i am no longer interested in knowing what is happening with the people i know personally. hence i go to other social networking sites where i have no personal connection to the any of the people i follow and yet i can connect with their thoughts and what is going around with their lives. (no, it is not twitter i am referring to. but i digress.)

sharing overload. facebook has a lot of that and there are a lot of good points about that. probably. whatever the points are, i am not fan of these. all i see are the ridiculous things about it that makes more and more each day avoid the site much as i can.

then again, i don’t think i can avoid facebook all together. seriously, how can you avoid something that is all around you? unless you’re anti-social and that i try not to be. probably, i just got to have more life outside the cyberspace and only then i would care less with what is happening in my social life on the web. but until then, i would have to endure the bad things i see in my news feed in order to weed out the great things some people has to share no matter how seldom these things are coming. and ahh, facebook.


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  1. Gabriela Vargas said, on February 13, 2012 at 7:47 am

    Facebook wasn’t always like this. I miss the simple Facebook days where everyone just posted whatever the hell they wanted, and no one was trying to top the other. Meh.

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