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11 months later

Posted in Uncategorized by tres on January 18, 2013

Procrastination is sure a hard habit to break. There has been so many attempts to have the streak of having to postpone whatever is decided to do into a later more comfortable time to start is harder than it seems. It’s the will to end all this attitude seems to be a big hurdle to overcome.  A challenge indeed.

The desire is there all right. Only the determination and spirit isn’t. The mind knows it’s not right and something should be done in order to correct it. But as they say, “the body is weak.” And indeed it is.

But I reckon now is the time to change all this things. And so I challenge myself yet again. And when I say now, I mean at this very moment, at this instant, at this point. Whatever. Not just later.

So how will I do it? No plans really. Do I need to? Experience should have already thought me the evils of dragging errands into later  instant will just make one nowhere achieved. And when every task is dragged, everything becomes so overwhelming that makes everything so frustrating. And by experience, it has thought me not to be too complacent and relaxed in dealing things. Things that has to be done should be done right away. It is in that way you can cross out something in your to-do list. Else, the list that get’s longer and longer as the time pass by.

I guess that there are a lot of ways to approach this challenge. The most basic could be doing everything one at a time. As a starter, multitasking won’t work. Beginning numerous things thinking you can accomplish more that way could only lead to more disappointments rather than satisfaction. Well, multitasking could be an advantage at a later time when you have already been accustomed to doing the fundamentals of things. Again, everything must start somewhere elementary in the onset.

And there’s prioritization concentrating on what is more important first before doing the minute ones. Still, one has not to forget that there are tasks that need constant attention in order not to suffer backlog in the future. Let alone chaos.

At the end of the day, nothing is more satisfying that having the knowledge that you have something gets done however small the feat is. And all things begin with a single step.

Ah, sense of accomplishment, bring it on.

First stop, why not have a bath? LOLs


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