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Posted in Uncategorized by tres on February 22, 2013

Last year, I have heard so much rave of the movie The Hunger Games when it has it’s run on theatres. Unfortunately, my curiosity didn’t get the best of me and that didn’t gave me the desire to catch the film for myself to decide if the rambles on it has basis. Months after that when I am looking for a recent film to look at, the title stuck in my mind and looked for ways to view the film. But the search on the film has gone futile. I have brought this up to one of my buddies who have told that he has the resources of having the film copied for me. I was hoping he remembers to give me a copy soon but knowing him I know it seems that it’s farfetched now.

I know that sequel of the film is coming up in few months now and I know that it will be another regret if I will have to miss that again. While I have no idea of what the raves are all about until now, the idea of not knowing kills me. So I just have to see the movie no matter what.

But the idea of not knowing about the film seems to me is ridiculous. While I am for surprises, I think it’s idiotic thought when you are watching a film in parts and you are already in the second part and you don’t have the slightest idea of what just happened on the beginning. So the plan is for me to have an idea on how the story begins so that I don’t get lost when I will catch the second part.

This got me the idea of just reading the book where the film was adapted from if I can’t watch the film itself. That way I will not get lost when I get see Catching Fire few months from now.

And I am glad I did get the chance to pursue the plan. Yea, I have defeated my procrastinating self when it comes to this arrangement.

Reading the book made  the rants and raves about the film makes sense. I don’t know about other people but what I liked the most about the book is that it got the two ingredients that I liked in visual entertainment department. While it is a bit dark to my personal taste, the idea of a reality television plot-based genre is something that got me hooked of finishing it as soon as I can. It’s like watching a whole series of TV show Survivor that just gone hardcore. And with a touch of romance to boot, I know that the hopeless romantic in me is doomed to like the book even more. Reality TV + love story, what’s not to like?

But the biggest selling feature of the book I should say is the story itself. It is about a girl rising to the occasion on the game of survival by putting her experience (or the lack of it), natural and developed skills and her loving heart on the line in order to stay alive at the end of it all. It was truly moving and exciting to go through from pages to pages.

Naturally, the book ends leaving me hanging and asking myself “So what happens next?” questions. Obviously, the idea of waiting for the film (as planned) to know the answer the these questions would be unreasonable. Why wait for the film when you can have access of the second book, right?

Still, I am not abandoning the plan of catching the film adaptations of this franchise. While my buddy find me weird of reading and watching “the same thing”, I don’t find anything wrong with that. Many people do that for comparison. I know those are not really “the same thing”.


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