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sp2: palau (cycle three)

Posted in Random Thoughts, Television by tres on September 10, 2009

Apart from being posted late, as usual this entry is incoherent. Just my random thoughts.

There was an overlap but I will still to a cycle that begins with the reward challenge and ends in a castoffs’ faceoff. So cycle 3 has these results:

RC – won by Koror earning food and strategy advantage.
IC – won by Koror sending Airai to their first tribal council. Koror gave Jef the immunity bracelet thus she’s safe to be voted off.
TC – Maya was the first castaway from Airai to be voted off by her tribesmate. She got 6 votes against Troy’s 2.
Faceoff – Justine extended her stay in exile after defeating Maya. Maya became the second castoff sent home.

The back-to-back win by the Koror tribe made me feel good. This week have shown that unlike the previous weeks, Koror can be better than the what-it-seems-to-be stronger Airai. I was sorry for Maya though being out of the game this early. If I had my way, I would have wanted a male castaway sent out but I would have not wanted it to be Troy either (SP still needs a characted like him!). Not even Shaun after he got injured. I hope this injury won’t affect him in the future challenges as he is good competitor and deserving to win it all. I thought Vlad is already a redundant character to Troy and Louie so I won’t feel bad had he been voted off next. However, I don’t think he is even considered candidate to be voted off.

I was not able to see the Friday episode as I was out of town last weekend so I somehow had the idea and how it feels being in the exile island waiting for your next opponent to come. I only got the information on who got voted off when I returned home last Sunday.

Ranking the remaining 14 castaways:

1. Marvin – He’s the man of the moment after refusing to lose in a challenge that what seems to be a game for Airai.
2. Vlad
3. Cris
4. Louie
5. Suzuki
6. Troy
7. Charles
8. Shaun
9. Mika
10. Amanda
11. Echo
12. Justine
13. Jef
14. Tara

Note: This ranking is in the assumption that I didn’t know that there was a tribal switch happened in cycle 4.

The male castaways seems to be dominating the game at present so a female castaway being voted off is likely to happen again next tribal council. Jef or Tara seems to be in trouble as they are considered the weakest in their respective tribes. I put Justine a higher than Tara and Jef as Justine seems to have an advantage physically if any one of them faces her in the next challenge.


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